Here’s to my first blog post!!

Hiiiii friends, 

My name is Jaliyah Friend as many of you don’t know, and I welcome you all to become my friends! I know that was cheesy but oh well be prepared for many more cheesy jokes. I’m a small town girl (literally small I’m only 5ft tall) from Michigan, who recently graduated high school and is now in college and working a part time job at a local grocery store (so lame).  Welcome to my blog(: 

For this years new year resolution I decided to start blogging, although I am a month late I figured better late than never right? I plan on posting every single day and starting each blog post with “Here’s to…” and inside the blog posts I will go into detail about why I’m giving a here’s to a certain thing on that day. 

I welcome all of you to come along with me and give me tips on the way on how to become a daily blogger.